Use Our Renewable Energy Expertise

Aerotrope are independent engineering consultants to the Renewable Energy Sector. We currently use this blog to communicate with our customers while our previous website is up for re-design. You can find all up-to-date information here but if you have questions feel free to contact us straight away, by clicking on the top right corner ‘info@’ link.


image copyright: Vergnet

Blade Fatigue Tests

Wind turbine blade manufacturers consult Aerotrope on new blade designs up to MW- range as well as the design of test rigs for prototype blades. We also advise owner/ operators of wind farms about resolving issues of blade fatigue and -failure.

Full-scale blade fatigue tests can be static or dynamic. The picture above shows a static test, where the blade is subjected to a prescribed maximum load without breaking. This tensile test is repeated in each direction to prove Continue reading

Our Team: Wang Feng

Wang Feng joined Aerotrope in 2008. He is a qualified Aeronautical Engineer with a MSc in Aircraft Vehicle Design from Cranfield University as well as a BSc (same subject) from BUAA Beihang, China. Besides working on blade engineering for our wind energy clients Wang Feng is part of the team that developed Vestas Sailrocket II.

Q: Wang Feng, you are part of the ‘brains trust’, as Sailrocket pilot Paul Larsen calls the design team on his blog. Can you explain your job within the team?

I joined the team when they developed several concepts for a new boat, VSRII. I took part in the concept selection and then Aerotrope designed the new fuselage and wing. I also wrote a performance prediction programme that ensured we would avoid any stability problems (crashes and backflips of the first Sailrocket) while pushing for maximum speed. My calculations confirmed the team’s suspicions that we should move the aerodynamic centre behind the centre of gravity, which was not the case in SR1. Now the point of becoming airborne is no longer a problem for the boat, on the contrary: Continue reading

New Address

Aerotrope have moved to bigger premises, so please note our new address: Aerotrope Ltd., Unit 2 Level 5 South, New England House, New England Street, Brighton BN1 4GH, UK. Our telephone numbers and email contacts remain the same. As before we are still in the middle of Brighton’s creative industries quarter, conveniently situated near the train station. Come visit our beautiful new office or get in touch to find out what else we have been up to recently…


image copyright: Aerotrope

Sailrocket Wing Sail in Action

Paul Larsen, pilot of the first as well as the new improved Sailrocket, recently posted an engaging essay on his blog about the specific elements of our unique wing sail. The pictures above were taken during their most recent campaign to break the speed sailing record in Walvis Bay, Namibia. It shows how the new wing sail  feathers out to maintain Continue reading

Sailrocket Off to a Great Start

Left to right: Victoria Bloodworth, Lili May, Alberto Martinez,  CiCi Blumstein, Wang Feng, Chris Hornzee-Jones(front).

In March Aerotrope’s team attended the launch of the new Vestas Sailrocket 2. It was great to finally show off the new wingsail Aerotrope designed for this boat. VSR 2 merely touched the water in Southampton before being shipped to Namibia for her maiden run. Follow this link to watch her reaching 40+ knots after only three days in the water!


image copyright: Aerotrope

Anish Kapoor Dirty Corner in Milan

Aerotrope  engineers provided the structural engineering for this large steel installation at Fabbrica del Vapore. Once again several aspects played into the concept: The sculpture would be fully accessible by the audience while over 200 tons of soil  accumulate on top and around it over time. We delivered the project on time and on budget. “Dirty Corner” can be visited until 8th of January 2012.


rendering: Aerotrope

Leviathan at Grand Palais Paris

Aerotrope very proudly attended the opening of Anish Kapoor’s work for Monumenta 2011, at the beautiful Grand Palais, Paris. Our engineers had spent months on perfecting the structural engineering for this enormous membrane structure. It must be one of the biggest inflatable single-skin structures the world has ever seen. Having spent so much time on detailed renderings it was breath-taking to finally experience in person this impressive piece of public art. For questions about more details regarding the structural engineering of this piece please contact our Engineer Alberto Martinez.


photograph: Aerotrope

Hello and See You Later

It is time we introduced our new administrator Lili May (pictured on the left), who recently joined our team permanently and who will also be covering maternity leave for Heike, the office manager (right). So it’s ‘Hello’ from Lili and ‘See You Soon’ from Heike.


image copyright: Aerotrope Ltd.

Our team: Alberto Martínez

Alberto has been working as a Design Engineer for Aerotrope since 2006. Originally trained in Mining Engineering in Southern Spain, he also holds a MSC in Railway System Engineering (U of Sheffield). This diverse background has stood him in good stead as over the years Alberto specialized in Aerotrope’s projects with artists who propose very challenging installations, involving diverse materials such as fabric, soil, wax, steel or air and demanding precise attention to the diverse exhibition environments indoors and outdoors in galleries all over the world (Svayambh, Hive, Aeolus, Memory, Ascension, Shooting Into A Corner, Rice Pavilion). Continue reading